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Odds and ends found in the Archives & Special Collections at the University of Puget Sound.
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  • Happy International Literacy Day! In honor of this, we’ve pulled Cobb’s Spelling Book by Lyman Cobb out of our special collections and brought a sample of the lessons inside straight to you. The rest of the book goes through a list of words 123 pages long, and then at the end supplies some handy homophones as such:

    "Crewel, kroo il, yarn twisted and wound.
    Cruel, inhuman, barabrous.
    Rheumy, room e, full of sharp moisture.
    Roomy, spacious, wide.”

    Freshmen were required to wear green beanies for the first semester. If they defeated the sophomores in a contest (usually a tug of war), they were entitled to stop wearing the green beanies; otherwise the freshmen wore their beanies two weeks longer, until Homecoming. According to a 1934 yearbook, freshmen were allowed to burn their beanies at the Homecoming bonfire. If a freshman was caught not wearing a beanie, the sophomores dyed the freshman’s hair green (Sept. 24, 1957, edition of The Trail).”

    This woman wasn’t wearing her beanie and her hair is being dyed green by a group of sophomores, 1955.

    Freshmen Green Book (handbook), 1952, lists the activities, traditions, and expectations of college men and women…our final freshmen post tomorrow will illustrate what happens when you don’t follow the handbook…

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